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Waste management

Waste Management Forms

Waste Management Regulations

Waste management

Annex II (art.14 para 2 of Legislative Decree 182/03) - General information about how to handle ship-generated waste and cargo residues in the port of Taranto

Decree adopting the plan for the collection and management of waste in the Port of Taranto for the purposes of the procedure for approving the plan pursuant to art. 5 of Legislative Decree 182/03

Resolution of the Regional Council no. 1203 of 31/07/2020 concerning the "Plan for the management of ship-generated waste and cargo residues for the Port of Taranto, pursuant to art. 5 of Legislative Decree no. 182 of 24 June 2003 and subsequent amendments and additions". - Approval of the update

The Port Authority of Taranto, in compliance with the provisions of art. 5 of Legislative Decree 182/03 drafted the Waste collection and management plan of the Port of Taranto approved by the Puglia Region with resolution no. 1203, dated 07/31/2020

Template for reporting shortcomings (pursuant to letter G) of Annex 1 to Legislative Decree 182 of 24.06.2003).

Waste sorting

Awareness-raising campaign on the issue of sorted waste collection in the Port of Taranto.

As is known, the port has started separate collection of waste such as paper, glass and plastic by placing 30 bins in order to improve environmental conditions in the port area. A specific bin for aluminium waste was also placed at Quay 1.

The Port Authority's aim is to increase the percentage of sorted waste collection by getting all port users involved in improving port conditions and reducing the amount of unsorted waste.

To this end, please note that it is possible to collect an information brochure from the Port Authority on how to carry out sorted waste collection in the port, indicating the location of bins for the separate collection of glass, paper and cardboard, plastic and aluminium, which can also be downloaded here.

Each bin is colour-coded, making it easier for users to identify the type of bin and the right means of disposal.

In order to further improve the waste collection service in the port area, port users and occasional visitors are invited to use these bins.

In order to ensure that all users participate in protecting the environment in which they work, we also encourage them to report any problems and/or inefficiencies and to make any suggestions for improvements in order to enhance the existing service in the interest of the Port of Taranto.

For further information, please contact the offices of the Port Authority's Security, Surveillance and Control Department by phone (+39 0994711650) or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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