Multipurpose pier

The Multipurpose Pier of the port of Taranto, located in the heart of the Mediterranean basin, is particularly strategic as a natural gateway for sea traffic from/to Central Europe and the Far East and the developing economies of the Near and Middle East and North Africa.

DETTAGLI MOLO2Total area: 1 M sq. m
Length 2.100 lm: 1500 lm equipped for container handling; 300 lm pier’s root berthing; 300 lm adjacent quay berthing
Depth of the sea: now 14,00 - 15,50; 15,00 - 16,50 in early 2018



Capacity: 2 M Teus



  Rail links: n. 5 set of tracks of 1,200 km long, directly connected to the national railroad network




10 ship-to-shore gantry cranes (2 ultra-post-panamax units and 8 super post-panamax units)
A yard served by 20 rail-mounted gantry cranes
900 reefer plugs for refrigerated containers.


On Multipurpose Pier 1.500 m are ready to use of wich 1.200 m have been renovated. The first step of dredging works have been carried out and the second and final step is currently in progress.

multipurpose pier taranto lavori multipurpose pier taranto


Dredging operations currently underway. Operations for dredging the seabed up to ‐16.50 m (1.200 linear meters) and up to - 15.50 (900 m at the root side) have already started and completion scheduled in 2018.

By June 2018 a portion of the quay dredged up to 16,5 will be operational.

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  1. The annual rent for the use of the Multipurpose Pier is about € 1,70/sq. m for open areas, as provided for by the Departmental Circular n. 78 of the Italian Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure. A partial utilization of the quay and surrounding areas may also be allowed.
  2. The cranes and the other mechanical means will be entrusted by a free loan for use with the obligation for the private operator to carry out revamping procedures where necessary. It will be possible for the concessionaire to apply for partial handout (partially non-repayable) for existent equipment revamping or for new investments on equipment/cranes.
    There is the possibility to access to public – national and regional – financing instruments, including partially non-repayable ones, for investment and revamping costs.
  3. For staff recruitment, operators will refer - for the company’s own quantitative and professional staff needs - to the work agency, “Taranto Port Workers Agency Srl”, constituted as provided for by Art. 4 of Decree-Law 29 December 2016, no. 243, converted into Law 18/2017. The new Agency will provide any possible support in matching the company’s job requirements and the offer of skilled workers who follow regular specific training programs.
  4. Possibility to sign specific programme agreement to allow easy terms for carrying out investments.
  5. Taranto with its port will be able to profit from the SEZ.
    With the aim to enhance the competitiveness of the Southern ports, the Italian Government on 3rd august 2017 has issued the Law n.123 which establishes Special Economic Zones, located within the port area and in the areas which are economically connected to them.
    The SEZs will feature:
    - Extra tax concessions;
    - Facilitations to attract the biggest international players who are strategically important for maritime transport and handling goods in the Mediterranean ports;
    - Speeding up public and private investments;
    - Simplification of the procedures.

    In accordance to Law 84/1994, the Port Network Authority of the Ionian Sea is responsible for the start up of a new overall simplification process of port procedures through the creation of a «One-stop Administrative Shopping».
    The port operators will then have a unique front office service to run every administrative and/or authorisation procedure.





  1. One or more operators who intend to manage a long-term concession on the Multipurpose Pier to realize a container or multipurpose terminal.
  2. One or more operators who intend to use the Multipurpose Pier for container traffic or for multipurpose and logistic activities.
  3. Logistic operators and companies interested in establishing their activity in the sea port and the port back areas and using the port of Taranto for their traffic.

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