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Port of the future

Vision 2030

In line with the transformation programme underlying Vision 2030, the Port System Authority of the Ionian Sea (AdSPMI) is pursuing the "PORT OF THE FUTURE" as a goal capable of supporting the re-launch of the port and its repositioning in the international context of the port sector. The activities at the heart of the Authority's plans - centred on the smart port concept - are divided into priority development axes oriented towards the most important and topical issues on the global scene.

The aim, therefore, is to further enhance the development strategy of the Port of Taranto by employing new models of innovation and sustainable growth, capable of strengthening the relationship between the port, the island of the old city and the industrial steel area in defining a process of urban, environmental and socio-cultural regeneration. This is in line with the principles of the circular economy and in compliance with the sustainable development goals underlying the UN Agenda 2030 which, through the strategic and virtuous use of available resources, encourage the formulation of new business models aimed at reconciling maritime tradition with new visions of sustainability that can foster the transition towards a competitive economy based on the port sector.

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