Upgrading of rail links between the Port of Taranto complex and the national network

1st Lot - Upgrading of the Cagioni station and connection to Pier 5

The project consists in upgrading the railway infrastructural equipment and is developed in the dry port area, on the railway network, near the so-called Multipurpose Pier. The project envisages changes to the current station layout with the creation of rails for the new line (centralised, electrified and with a 750 m module) with arrival/departure and pick-up/drop-off functions for the connection with the Multipurpose Pier and the preparation of the connection to Pier 5 (which will be completed after 2025). The new facility almost entirely covers the existing line. On completion of the work, the entire facility will be returned to RFI's (Italian State Railway) assets. The first section of the new terminal is about 850 m long and runs parallel to the Cagioni facility, with three tracks at a distance of 4.60 m from each other. This section practically overlaps the site of the existing freight station, which is connected to and managed by TCT. A bend with a radius of 240 m follows, leading to the junction before the existing station on the Multipurpose Pier. The facility will be surrounded by fences with dedicated entrances for maintenance and possibly emergency vehicles. The main civil works consist in the demolition of the existing fences and the construction of new ones which, in some limited areas, may also act as retaining structures. The new line combines the functions of pick-up/drop-off and arrival/departure and consists of 3 electrified and centralised tracks with modules of 750m (IV track), 734m (V track) and 727m (VI track). The management of this freight line will provide greater flexibility in the use of the facility, as arrivals and departures can be guaranteed from each of the three tracks in the line. In addition, all the manoeuvres required to assemble and dismantle trains on the line and for movements to and from the Multipurpose Pier can be carried out while the first three tracks are in operation.

2nd Lot - New railway yard and its connection to the Logistics Platform and to Piers 1 and 4

The project is planned to the north of the area between the Piers 1 and 4 of the Port of Taranto (Fig. 5 - Red circle on the right). The facility serves as a pick-up and delivery point and as an arrival and departure point for the newly built logistics platform, which is to be managed by the project company Taranto Logistica S.p.A. Subsequently, the new line can be connected to the future Piers 1 and 4. The new facility, managed by the Italian State Railway, will be built almost entirely on the site of the existing plant at the S. Nicola station in Taranto. The new terminal will have a pick-up/drop-off and arrival/departure line, consisting of 2 tracks of 750 m module, centralised and electrified, managed by ACEI in Taranto, which will be suitably modified. In addition, a third track is planned for the railway turntable and a shunting yard with a length of 750 m. The line will be connected to the Bari - Taranto route through a 60km/h connection and with an independent track. The characteristics of the line will allow arrival/departure routes at 60km/h. Since all the shunting in Taranto station will be carried out on the line, it is possible to simplify all the freight tracks currently existing in the station.

Expected results

Improve the efficiency of port infrastructures

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