The Logistics Platform, will cover a total area of nearly 200,000 square metres. Located within the port estate, close to Pier 4, it will act as an intermodal centre, allowing goods to be transferred between road, rail and sea transport, and will provide cargo services. The aim is to achieve a fully integrated operation based on ICT systems.
Playing a role in this project is Taranto Logistica S.p.a. which is owned by the Gavio Logistica Group, a member of the consortium that has been awarded the concession to build and manage the Logistics Platform.
The group is looking to the possibility of traffic on the routes between Taranto, Genoa and Rivalta and between Taranto, Ravenna and Rubiera which will exploit synergies with its other platforms and with other major operators like the rail transport company RFI.
In addition to the new platform, the wider Port of Taranto Logistics Project, costing a total of 200 million Euros, will lead to the creation of other facilities:

• The Piers Road, which will connect all quays and piers in the Port of Taranto and improve links with the national road network

• Widening of Pier 4, from 80 metres to 220 metres, together with new operating areas on reclaimed land and a new quay with a draught of 12.0 metres

• Creation of a new wet dock west of Pier 4.