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News of 14.12.2023: The Strategic System Planning Document (DPSS, Documento di Programmazione Strategica di Sistema) has been presented

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The Strategic System Planning Document (DPSS) has been presented

PORT OF TARANTO, 14 DECEMBER 2023 - The Port Network Authority of the Ionian Sea has entrusted the drafting of the Strategic System Planning Document (DPSS) to the company TPS Pro srl. During the press conference held on 14 December 2023 at 10:00 a.m. at the Port Network Authority headquarters, speakers. including the Secretary General Mr. Roberto Settembrini, Eng. Vincenzo Elia of the Port Network Authority and Planner Matteo Scamporrino of TPS Pro, presented the Document, the procedural process and the roadmap of activities.


The DPSS is a new generation tool for long-term strategic port planning. The focus of the document is the relationship between two souls of the territory often told in opposition: port and city. With the launch of the DPSS of the Port of Taranto, the aim is on the one hand to present the analysis work carried out in the previous months, and on the other hand to share the process of identifying the actions that will affect the port cluster of Taranto in the coming years. The topics dealt with in the document cover all areas of port activities, with an emphasis on two aspects: operability and sustainability, which can no longer be considered separately in the context of port development.

The strategies will concern both the vast area, such as the infrastructural connections between the port and the territory, the SEZ (Special Economic Zone) areas and the development of the entrepreneurial fabric, but above all the areas of city-port interaction, such as the waterfront, the Ex Torpediniere dock and the realisation of the Eco Industrial Park. Special attention is paid to the diversification of traffic and cruises, an expanding sector in the port of Taranto.

Participatory planning meetings have already begun with the stakeholders of the port of Taranto, in order to immediately include the fundamental contribution of those who live and cross the port. In addition, discussion tables have been opened with the Municipality of Taranto and the Apulia Region to flank the co-planning of the areas of interaction and influence with the drafting of the Document, in a desire for participatory construction in order to

The outputs of the pathway for the creation of the strategic document will be present on a dedicated platform on the institutional website of the Port Network Authority of the Ionian Sea, which is continuously updated, at the link: https://port.taranto.it/index.php/it/documento-di-programmazione-strategica-di-sistema.

dpss logoDuring the press conference, the logo that will also visually characterise the sustainability path of the DPSS was also illustrated, with the claim the sustainable shift.

The vision chosen for the DPSS of the Port of Taranto is:
"Re-imagining the port system as central in the Mediterranean and international scenario"

The mission chosen for the DPSS of the Port of Taranto is:

“To make the system attractive to international stakeholders, enhancing the ecological transition underway and promoting the history of the area”



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