The ‘Artania’ inaugurates the 2022 cruise season in the Port of Taranto.

27 MARZO 2022

The ‘Artania’ inaugurates the 2022 cruise season in the Port of Taranto.

Today, 27 March, the port-city of Taranto welcomed the luxurious cruise-ship Artania, belonging to the fleet of the German company Phoenix Reisen. The ship, arriving from Syracuse, called the Port of Taranto at noon greeted by the festive water salute by the tugs.

MedCruise & AIVP: Cruises & Port Cities - Working Group

10 DICEMBRE 2021

CDP Venture Capital: Faros, the accelerator for startups operating in the Blue Economy, is launched.

The accelerator will select the best startups in the field of logistics and port automation, the sustainable use of marine resources and coastal tourism

From today until 15 February 2022 you can apply at for your startup to take part in the first acceleration cycle which will begin in March 2022

MedCruise & AIVP: Cruises & Port Cities - Working Group

06 DICEMBRE 2021

MedCruise & AIVP: Cruises & Port Cities - Working Group

PORT OF TARANTO, 6 DECEMBER 2021 - The Port Network Authority (AdSP) of the Ionian Sea - Port of Taranto is among the 25 international members of the joint Working Group created by the AIVP - Association International Villes et Ports and MedCruise - The Association of Mediterranean Cruise Ports - with whom the Authority has been associated since 2020 and 2014 respectively.

“WE SALUTE YOU!”: con l'ultima toccata della MSC SEASIDE si chiude la stagione crocieristica 2021 del porto di Taranto

11 NOVEMBRE 2021

"WE SALUTE YOU!": the cruise season 2021 of the port of Taranto ends with the last stop of the MSC SEASIDE.
Italian Cruise Day 2021: Grandi risultati per la destinazione Taranto

29 OTTOBRE 2021

Italian Cruise Day 2021: Great results for destination Taranto

PORT OF TARANTO, 29 OCTOBER 2021 - Massive turnout in Savona for the 2021 edition of Italian Cruise Days. The event - conceived and promoted by Risposte Turismo - has represented, for many years now, the Home of Italian Cruise Ports and is a prestigious international showcase dedicated to promoting Italian cruise tourism, by organising meetings and discussions between the main players in the new landscape of cruise tourism in Italy.

Tornano i "Taranto Port Days": dall'1 al 4 ottobre il porto di Tarannto si apre alla città

08 OTTOBRE 2021

"Port Days": Taranto Port-City says goodbye to the 2021 edition

PORT OF TARANTO, 08 OCTOBER 2021 - The 2021 edition of Taranto Port Days (TPD), an event organised by the Port System Authority of the Ionian Sea - Port of Taranto and part of the Italian Port Days promoted nationwide by Assoporti.


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