News of 27.09.2022 - “PORT DAYS”: Taranto Port-City presents the 2022 edition

2022.09.27 conferenzaTPD

“PORT DAYS”:Taranto Port-City presents the 2022 edition

PORT OF TARANTO, 27 SEPTEMBER 2022  - The press conference (live streaming: for the presentation of the 2022 edition of the Taranto Port Days, an event organized by the Port Network Authority of the Ionian Sea – Port ofTaranto and sponsored by the Municipality of Taranto.was held this morning at the cruise terminal of the Taranto Cruise Port.

For the 2022 edition, AdSPMI (promoter) made use of the precious collaboration of the Fondazione Taranto 25  and numerous public and private partners who, in various capacities, contributed to putting together the programme of cultural and sporting, musical and playful-recreational events that will animate Port Days 2022 with completely free events open to all

From 7 to 9 October 2022, the Port of Taranto dock 1 will be the privileged location of a unique event for Taranto port-city which, leveraging the sea as a driver of sustainable development, aims to favour the most virtuous opening of the Port of Taranto to the public, in line with the purposes underlying the current Three-Year Operational Plan 2020-2022 of the AdSPMI.

All the events included in the Taranto Port Days 2022 programme will be linked by a single fil rouge, that of social sustainability, through the promotion of themes such as training and work also through playful activities designed for young people and children.

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The initiative is part of the Italian Port Days promoted nationally by Assoporti, the Association of Italian Ports which, through the slogan "opening port life and culture to people", conducts a joint and coordinated promotion of ports and the culture of the sea, in synergy between the national AdSPs. Again for 2022, the European Commission included the event in the list of European Maritime Day In My Country initiatives.

To find out the complete programme of the Taranto Port Days 2022 and for all details relating to the Partners and the individual activities that will animate the three days of the event, please refer to the official page of the initiative available on the AdSP institutional website at the link: and on the social media channels of the organization (@portoditaranto).

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