Eu Projects - “Study for the creation of the integrated intermodal logistic system in port of Taranto”

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The project "Study for the creation of the integrated intermodal logistic system in Port of Taranto"– approved within the TEN-T annual call 2013 - priority 1 - sub priority "integrated and multimodal transport system" and  then financed by the EU Commission decision n. C(2014) 9070 of 24.11.2014 – aimed to support, the development of the integrated intermodal network system in the port and back-port of Taranto through research and planning activities, in line with the provisions of art. 46 of L. 214/2011. The aim was to provide the port of Taranto – core port and final part of the Scandinavian- Mediterranean TEN-T corridor - with the appropriate back-port areas that could foster its evolution towards a third generation port as well as the development of commercial traffic.

The action has contributed to the identification of both the traffic flows developed within the Mediterranean basin (with a focus on those coming from the Suez Canal and, more generally, from the Eastern quadrants of Taranto, for which the port is considered the natural gate to Europe) and the services, inclusive of the respective performances to be activated in order to increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of the infrastructure. At the same time, the action had a special focus on the Sub-hub of Ferrandina, consistently with the provisions of article 46 of L. 214/2011, according to which feasibility studies and project designs (final and working plan) for the implementation of the infrastructure are necessary.

The project pursued the strategic plan to create around the port of Taranto an integrated logistics system based on a network of specialized logistics facilities including the platform located in Ferrandina (MT) in order to capture maritime traffic and, at the same time, to encourage the growth of the territory.

The project partnership is as follows:

  • Lead Partner: Taranto Port Authority
  • Partner: Province of Matera

The project ended on 31.12.2016

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