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In 2011 Taranto Port Authority took part to the MEDNET Project - Mediterranean Network for Custom Procedures and Simplification of Clearance in Ports- aiming at share information referred to the simplification and harmonization of maritime and port procedures within the Mediterranean region, through the realization of a cooperative and specialized network.
The project has primarily recommended actions and measures for facilitating maritime freight exchange, speeding up logistic procedures, and reducing logistics costs. Moreover, it has contributed to increasing modal shift from the currently congested European road network while reducing at the same time adverse environmental impacts and enhancing social and economic cohesion of the European and Mediterranean populations.
The project has developed in its lifetime 20 pilot actions, tested in partner ports and intended to identify new opportunities for simplifying and harmonizing procedures. In parallel, the project has monitored and gathered data, studies and experiences into the database “Observatory of Port Operations in the Mediterranean”, available to partners and all maritime sector stakeholders.

Mednet Partners are:

o RAM - Rete Autostrade del Mare – Lead Partner
o NTUA – National Technical University of Athens
o OLIG – Igoumenitsa Port Authority
o PAP- Patras Port Authority S.A.
o APA – Ancona Port Authority S.A.
o TPA – Taranto Port Authority
o CENIT – CENIT, Center for Innovation in Transport
o VPF – Valencia Port Foundation
o CCIMP – Charles Dominique Marie George
o PROMETNI INSTITUT LJUBLJANA d.o.o. - Institute of Traffic and Transport Ljubljana l.l.c. (Slovenia)
o Transport Malta
o KIP - Intermodal Transport Cluster (Croazia)
o AIT – Albanian Institute of Transport (Albania)
o ZPA – Zadar Port Authority (Croazia)

Mednet activities ended on the 31.05.2015.


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