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Community projects - SWAN

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The SWAN project has been accepted for funding under the Interreg Greece-Italy Programme 2014-2020 and aims to promote multimodal transport by integrating different means of transport, including amphibious aircraft (seaplanes) for direct connection from port to airport or port to port or even from port to marine and remote tourist areas. The project foresees building seaplane infrastructure in the ports of Taranto and Gallipoli, in Nardò (Santa Maria al Bagno) and on the Greek shore in the ports of Corfu, Paxos, Erikusa, Matraki and Othoni). In the port of Taranto, the seaplane facility will also be equipped with mini terminals for recreational activities.

The project partnership is composed of:

Lead Partner: Port Authority of Corfu


1) Municipality of Corfu

2) Port System Authority of the Ionian Sea

3) Municipality of Gallipoli

4) Municipality of Nardò

The project was accepted for funding in January 2019. The assigned budget is €401,390.00 for activities to be carried out over a period of 24 months.

During 2019, the project became fully operational and, starting from the kick-off meeting, held in Corfu in March, the AdSPMI contracted services related to the technical, administrative and accounting management of the project (technical assistance and first level controller) and carried out the tender procedure (public notice) for awarding the service for the design of the hydro-surface and its terminal. The tender procedure ended in November with negative results, as no bids were received. For this reason, the Authority launched a new public procurement procedure in December, which was completed during 2020.

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