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(Action and Cohesion Programme complementary to the NOP "Infrastructure and Networks" 2014-20 - AXIS D GREEN PORTS)

On 14 July 2020, AdSPMI submitted the project proposal "Integrated environmental monitoring of the Taranto port area" as part of the Action and Cohesion Programme complementary to the National Operational Plan (NOP) "Infrastructure and Networks" 2014-2020. The project proposal aimed to create an integrated environmental monitoring system within the Port of Taranto, with the objective of monitoring the state of health of the land and sea under the management of the Port System Authority. The intervention is therefore aimed at the creation and multi-year management of an area monitoring network, in order to monitor the overall quality status of the Port of Taranto's land-sea system through "evenly distributed" measuring points, consisting of the following environmental matrices: “Water”, “Sediments”, “Benthos”, “Noise”, “Air”, “Flora and Fauna” and “Filtering Organisms”. The monitoring system will be implemented through the following interventions:

  • the creation of a network of sensors for environmental monitoring, to be installed in port areas;
  • sampling of environmental matrices, in order to determine parameters not detectable by the installed sensors by laboratory analysis;
  • data acquisition and related management;
  • definition of the reference workflow for the planning and management of monitoring activities;
  • development of a database for data collection and front-end development for distributing information related to monitoring data with stakeholders.

The project was accepted for funding with a total budget of €8,000,000.00.

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