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(Action and Cohesion Programme complementary to the NOP "Infrastructure and Networks" 2014-20 - AXIS A DIGITALISATION OF LOGISTICS)

On 14 July 2020, the Port System Authority of the Ionian Sea (AdSPMI) submitted a third project proposal for Axis A "Digitalisation of Logistics" of the Action and Cohesion Programme complementary to the National Operational Plan (NOP) "Infrastructure and Networks" 2014-20. The project aims to implement the digital transition strategy identified by the AdSPMI within the Three-Year Operational Plan (TOP) 2020/2022 and will make the System Authority's activities more efficient for port users through a radical process of streamlining and digitisation of both internal and external processes.

The project includes the following macro areas:

  1. a) One-stop Administrative Service;
  2. B) Operational mapping and management of state and non-state property;
  3. c) Port security and access control;
  4. d) Document management and digitalisation of internal processes,
  5. e) Environmental monitoring.

In particular, the project will allow:

  1. a) automated workflow management, front office and back office, of all administrative procedures; streamlining of administrative procedures for the port community; automated management of internal and external processes;
  2. b) automated management of assets and physical and logistical infrastructure with geo-referencing; automated management of state property; automated management of documentary assets;
  3. c) streamlining of traffic at port entrances and exits, reduction of parking in port areas, automated vehicle and foot traffic control;
  4. d) business intelligence to support strategic choices, elimination of paperwork, expansion of control and information management systems;
  5. e) automated management of data acquired by the environmental monitoring system on operational maps.

The project was accepted for funding with a total budget of €6,185,849.46.

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