According to article 16 paragraph 1 of Law 84/94, port operations are the loading, unloading, transhipment, storage, movement in general of goods and any other material, carried out within the port.
The same article defines port services as activities relating to specialised services, complementary and ancillary to the cycle of port operations.

The issuing of authorisations pursuant to art. 16 of Law 84/94 has been regulated by the "Regulations for carrying out port operations and services in the port of Taranto". Authorisations are granted on the basis of the maximum number of authorisations determined annually by a specific measure.
Each year, in addition to the maximum number of authorisations for operations and services, the annual fee and the deposit to be submitted for the granting of the authorisation are determined.


List of companies authorised under art. 16 of Law 84/94 for port operations and services


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