ap taranto ente

The Port System Authority of the Ionian Sea is the Government Body of the port having its own financial capacity and administrative autonomy, whose main tasks are port development and promotion.
The Port Authority estate covers a total area which runs from the West Pier of the Aragonese Castle to the left bank of Tara river. In order to exploit at the best the existing port structure thanks to a coherent planning of the port facilities supported by a major investment plan– with a view to improve the efficiency, quality, reliability, security levels and to cut costs - the Port System Authority has drawn up a strategic plan aiming to fulfill the port-community’s ambitious aim.

The strategic plan thus aims to the growth of the port and, consequently, the nearby areas, by means of actions in order to the readjust the transport systems and at the same time carry out a dynamic process that could encourage new productive settlements.

The Port System Authority has targeted its efforts, through an intensive promotional activity, to get new and diversified maritime traffics which could be complementary to the well-established traffic deriving from the existing industrial settlements.