The President of the Port System Authority of the Ionian Sea and Commissioner Extraordinaire for the works in the port of Taranto, given the currently undergoing important investments, has decided to introduce new tools to encourage information and transparency. These tools will help illustrate the current progress of each work, as well as the foreseen costs and timing, while giving information related to the administrative procedures.
The Future Port website, in fact, allows the user real time access to updated information about both the undergoing works and the projects which are in the pipeline in the port of Taranto.

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The Port Authority is the body responsible for the management and development of the port of Taranto.

The leading principle behind the environmental field for the Taranto Port Authority is the steady improvement of the relevant performance. To this aim, the Port Authority is an environmentally-conscious organization, committed in ensuring that port users, both existing and potential ones, can count on economically efficient and competitive services, with the lowest impact on the natural and social environment.
To this aim, the Taranto Port Authority acquaints its staff and all the port users of the environmental policy adopted and has pledged to let all operators act accordingly with the spirit and the purpose of the laws and regulations that formed the basis of this policy.
The Taranto Port Authority is engaged in the search of forms of cooperation with other national and international port bodies in order to build up a network of information and best management practices.
The Port System Authority is committed to ensure:

  • the conformity of all its activities to the relevant environmental and governance policies;
  • the adoption of all the measures necessary to prevent and deal with possible accidents that could have effects on the employees, the port and the local communities and environment;
  • the development and maintenance of an efficient system of environmental management;
  • the open and clear communication with the external users, the institutions and local community on the environmental performances of the Port Authority;
  • the promotion and efficient use of energy and, in general, of all natural resources in all port activities;
  • the promotion among port operators for the attainment of the standards and targets pursued by the Port Authority;
  • the involvement of all the concessionaires for the adoption of a sustainable energy/environmental system.
In order to foster the harmonization of the environmental actions in the port domain by the several enterprises interested in contributing to the preservation of the port environment, the Port Authority commits itself to periodically draw up some environmental documents to be spread across the territory.
The present policy, if kept alive through the process of constant improvement promoted by the environmental management system, is thus adopted by the whole staff of the Port Authority and is publicly known.
Taranto, 31 January 2012.
signed The President of Taranto Port Authority
Prof. Sergio Prete